We guarantee that you will ...

... have a fantastic cadet life, as you progress through the ranks. You will not find the combination of fun and adventure in any other cadet force or youth organisation.


The Squadron is run by a group of volunteers ...

... some in uniform and some not, some who are qualified to run events, some with military experience, some who teach, some who just come and help in general! 


Help to support the Squadron through ...

... fund raising and other activities, some members are parents others are not. All really help to keep costs down and provide new equipment for the Squadron to use. 

So what's this all about?

301 Squadron is the Bury St Edmunds detachment of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. The Squadron has been in the town since the inception of the Air Cadet Organisation in 1941, almost eighty years ago.

The original aim was - and still is - to develop a practical interest in aviation amongst young men and woman as well as fostering the spirit of adventure.

Hand in hand with this is an ongoing commitment to develop personal organisation, discipline and leadership skills that will be useful in later life, be that military or civilian. All cadets are given the opportunity to engage in fun and exciting activities including flying, shooting, on-base camps, sports and Duke of Edinburgh. Cadets can join from twelve years old and remain until their twentieth birthday.